Do lower purchasing costs also mean lower selling prices?

This article was published on the site of ā€˜InkoperscafĆ©ā€™ and translated for international sharing. In recent years, retail prices have skyrocketed due to extreme hikes in energy costs and challenges in obtaining raw materials. Despite a significant drop in inflation, consumers still pay much more for products or energy than they did a few years […]

How AI is changing the world of procurement

This article was published on the site of ‘InkoperscafĆ©’ and translated for international sharing Few people doubt the usefulness and impact of artificial intelligence (AI). But the questions procurement managers ask themselves are: what choice should I make within the unlimited possibilities, can I do this myself or do I need external help, what competencies […]

Simulate cost prices and negotiate based on facts

By Jan Valkhof and Robert Driessen in DEAL! (This article is based on the previously published article and updated with recent data) Buyers: The facts are there for the taking!Ā Negotiating is inherent to buying, but does that mean that all buyers are good at it? And, if so, what is the quality of this competence […]

Fictional inflation: a huge opportunity for purchase professionals

Fictional inflation: What is it? Fictional inflation is a term we came up with when, based on data over the last years, we saw a few disturbing trends occurring. Fictional inflation is the mechanism that occurs especially in times of crisis, where real inflation is overshadowed by fake inflation. When the (global) market is completely […]

10 tips to arm yourself against price increases

Even in these difficult times of price increases, buyers can achieve a competitive advantage. In this blog, 10 practical tips may give you some inspiration. Many prices are increasing, it’s hard to deny that. The newspapers are full of articles about increased raw material costs, energy prices, and transportation rates. Every producer and seller will […]

The power of knowledge

A negotiation process is usually an unfair process. This needs to end. Everyone is entitled to a fair price and to achieve this, it is important to work with transparent data and to have an open and honest conversation. As a young procurement professional, I looked up to the often experienced account managers on the […]

Those absurd random price increases

On January 1st everything is suddenly more expensive due to random price increases. Becauseā€¦? There were fireworks? Are we putting up a new calendar? Did someone hear a champagne cork pop? It seems like some sort of culturally decided habit, but as it often is with culture: what was the motivation behind these random price […]

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