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Our mission is to help procurement professionals achieve next level negotiations. With our combined 250 years of procurement experience and a highly skilled team we aim for the moon. Buynamicans believe we can best serve our client family by maintaining a strong corporate culture.

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In order to achieve our big ambitions to help a lot of purchasers achieve theirs we have several strategic alliances. Trusted partners who are willing to exchange expertise with us.

Culture & Careers

A word from our founder

Welcome to Buynamics! Founded by former CPOs in 2015, we are a SaaS company that genuinely understands the frustrations of buyers when dealing with know-it-all suppliers. But we didn’t let that stop us. We leveraged our seasoned expertise, as well as years of collected data on supplier management, raw material pricing, and should costing. Combining all of our knowledge and data into pragmatic software, we developed two modules: WTP (What’s The Price) and VRS (Vendor Rating Solution).

Since our humble beginnings, we’ve grown into a globally leading organization with a talented, dynamic and friendly team. Our mission is simple: to help procurement professionals make better-informed decisions using data-driven insights, while having fun. And yes, these two goals go hand-in-hand. A professional buyer wants to know two things about his supplier: am I paying the right price and is my supplier performing as expected? With WTP, our flagship product, you can calculate the cost price of almost any product or service in minutes, saving money and improving knowledge. And with VRS, you can track and improve your suppliers’ performance to build stronger relationships and reduce hassle.

At Buynamics, we are committed to revolutionising procurement through innovative solutions and proven results. We’re all about shaking things up and bringing in new ideas that get the job done. We are experienced buyers – not a consultancy or software company.

Robert Driessen, Founder
Our team

Beautiful people with cool ideas

From procurement experts to talented developers, we love our Buynamicans.

Robert Driessen
Founder | CEO
Nico Bontenbal
Founder | CTO
Fabiënne Leidekker
Junior Developer
Wala Gharbi
Front-end Developer
Jeroen Maas
Jan-Paul Plieger
Maarten Gerritse
Kelly Vogel
Branding Specialist
Loek Lutgens
Client Success
Vabine Opendorp
Office Manager
Edwin Hattink
Developer | Scrum Master
Liz van de Luijtgaarden
Data Scientist
Thomas Holtermans
Happy Customer Manager
Auke Kooij
Data Manager
Robert Manders
Guido Theunissen
Business Development
Pepijn Hockers
Software Engineer
Alexandra Nastas
Junior Data Science
Yorick van der Steen
Growth & Innovation
Joyce de Fijter
Commodity Searcher
Daan van Vugt
Junior Developer

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