Vendor Rating Solution enables supply chain professionals to track and improve their supplier’s performance.


Measuring performance with objective and subjective criteria


Fact-based ranking based on your own criteria per category


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Insight and grip on supplier performance?

VRS makes this possible. You will notice that supplier assessment directly leads to more attention from suppliers, fewer errors, lower costs, lower stocks and even better conditions.

The story behind Vendor rating solution

Measuring is knowing. Surprisingly many buyers often rely on intuition and gut feelings. Purchasing software such as VRS makes things concrete. Both for the suppliers and for the buyers themselves. The company behind VRS was started by buyers, for buyers. VRS was born out of frustrations in the daily purchasing practice.


Scorecards expose everything

Generate a scorecard for each supplier. See at a glance what does and does not go well according to the standards of your organization. Set up the assessment yourself and determine which criteria will be assessed. For example, determine how many points can be earned and the weight of each criterion in the overall assessment. Supplier performance is available for an entire organization (one or more branches), for the total assortment, part of it or for just one item. Assessments based on own data are generated fully automatically in the VRS software.

Interactive charts

Interactive charts

In the interactive graph you can, among other things, determine which criteria are visible. It is also possible to show a trend line for each line in order to clarify the direction of development.


Delivery times figured out

For the first time, get a picture of your supplier performance per month or over the entire period. Supplier evaluation by Buynamics is the only solution that takes weekends, holidays and unevenly delivered orders into account. But there is much more than just delivery performance. Any kind of data about your supplier can be imported and evaluated in the software. As standard, the system can deal with payment conditions (days and discounts), turnover rate, invoice differences, credits, quality order confirmations, partial deliveries, margin, but the order discipline of your own organisation is also uncovered.


Standards and Targets

In supplier evaluation of VRS it is possible to specify your own standards. This is even possible for individual criteria or (groups of) suppliers. This results in green or red scores. In addition, (partial) goals can be specified for suppliers, together with an end date. On this end date the user receives an e-mail from the VRS software. This contains an overview of the scores and the announcement whether or not the goal has been achieved by the supplier.

Subjective ratings

Subjective ratings

In addition to the objective criteria, which calculate with data from one's own IT system, there are also subjective criteria. To this end, the software uses employee assessments. For this purpose, a pragmatic survey tool is built in, in which selected employees answer questions about suppliers. As an organisation, you ask these questions yourself. The request for assessment sends the software automatically and periodically. The administrator is automatically notified when requests have been sent and questions have or have not been completed.

Traffic lights

Where is it right, where is it wrong?

VRS exposes a wealth of information. But where to start? Because in VRS all scores of all suppliers are calculated and stored overnight, it is possible to search and filter in the results. Who are my best suppliers? Who are my best suppliers when it comes to commerce? Which suppliers, in this product group, should improve delivery reliability? Or the payment conditions? The possibilities are endless.

Objective procurement performance measurement

In purchasing, it is often said that it is not very possible to measure an organisation's purchasing performance. After all, there is no yardstick or reference point with which to compare procurement efforts. But with VRS this is now possible for the first time! The application can generate scorecards not only for individual suppliers, but also for groups of suppliers. In this way it is possible to see how all suppliers of an organisation are performing, on a variety of subjects. And now all of a sudden they have their own point of reference. If you succeed in increasing the average scores of all suppliers, then you can fairly certainly conclude that the purchasing department itself also performs better. Purchasing is never the same with VRS!

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