Track and improve supplier performance

VRS allows supply chain professionals and contract managers to optimize vendor relationships by measuring and ranking performance.

Some of the leading brands and SME’s use VRS to gain a competitive edge

Support your gut instinct with facts

Measuring and evaluating supplier performance with VRS helps identify areas for improvement and encourage suppliers to strive for better performance.

This is where VRS can make the difference

Turning data into insights: VRS supports these all to common scenarios.

Less hassle with suppliers and colleagues

VRS makes working with suppliers and colleagues easy and straightforward. All of our clients enjoy using a single, user-friendly platform where where compliance with all agreements with the supplier is measured. This clear and organized approach significantly reduces confusion and disagreements.

Uphold internal and external standards

Make sure you’re always getting more than what you agreed upon with your suppliers, using VRS. By including colleagues’ opinions and experiences along with hard facts, VRS gives you a complete picture, ensuring nothing gets missed and your standards are always met, if not surpassed.

Effortless performance tracking

Save precious time and enhance efficiency with VRS’s comprehensive overview of all your suppliers’ performances. Our solution empowers you to quickly access vital data, analyze supplier trends, and identify potential issues before they escalate.

Reduce costs and optimize operations

Experience fewer errors, lower operational costs, and optimize your inventory levels with VRS. Also, the in-depth insights provided by VRS strengthen your negotiation position, allowing you to secure more favorable terms and conditions from suppliers, ultimately benefiting your bottom line.


Ensure seamless supplier performance and accountability.

Take your vendor management to new heights with 
VRS’ comprehensive data visualizations.

Scorecards expose everything

Generate a scorecard for each supplier. See at a glance what does and does not go well according to the standards of your organization. Set up the assessment yourself and determine which criteria will be assessed.

Interactive charts

Enhance your analytical capabilities and gain meaningful insights with our interactive graph feature in VRS.

Subjective ratings

Revolutionize how you evaluate suppliers with VRS, bringing together hard facts and personal insights for a complete view:


VRS harnesses the principle that the broader the scope, the greater the optimization potential. To tailor VRS to companies of all sizes, our pricing model considers both the scale of your business and the specific features you select within the tool.
As seasoned purchasing experts, we understand the nuances of procurement and are eager to discuss how VRS can be customized to fit your unique needs.

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We care about your data in our privacy policy