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What’s The Price provides procurement professionals with valuable insights into the cost price of any product in the manufacturing industry.

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WTP Services, full insight into the cost of services

In addition to product costs, you can now see the cost of services in different countries and industries.

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Turn data into insights to use in your negotiation. WTP gives you advantage in these all to common scenarios. These are offered by actual WTP users.

Evaluation of tenders

A Dutch retailer used WTP to save 3% post-tender and 12% compared to a previous tender, amounting to thousands of euros, by negotiating with suppliers based on detailed product information and cost insights.

Profit from economies of scale

A wholesale industry client saved nearly €75,000 for the current year by using WTP to negotiate benefits from increased purchase volumes, which were factored into the marketing budget.

Dealing with price increases

A Do-It-Yourself market leader utilized WTP to adjust pricing and save over €100,000 despite a 100% increase in raw material prices, by challenging existing contract agreements with real-time data.

Take full advantage of the BoM

A purchasing organization for building materials suppliers gained insights into cost drivers and saved significantly by using WTP to challenge price increases with both private label and A-brand suppliers.

Getting started in an industry

A new purchasing manager at a pet food wholesaler achieved a 2.5% margin expansion, valued at approximately €400,000, by using WTP to understand cost components and formulate a purchasing strategy without prior industry knowledge.

Redefining negotiation strategies

An international retailer developed and tested 20 cost models with WTP’s guidance, resulting in over €300,000 in savings and receiving board approval for a company-wide rollout.

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Negotiate on what really matters, the up-to-date price build up and all cost drivers of your product.

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WTP applies the principal of the higher the spend, the more savings. To make WTP accessible from SMEs, we base pricing on the size of your procurement team.
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