What’s The Price enables buyers and category managers to determine their supplier’s price at any given point in time.

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Gives a cost breakdown of any product

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Get access to real-time commodity prices of over 3000 raw materials

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Brings fact-based insights into negotiations

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The magic that drives the tool

At Buynamics we are buyers and not IT people. Based on our own extensive experience within procurement we have built a pragmatic tool which brings data based facts into negotiations.

Databased negotiation insights

WTP gives access to the one-pager that your supplier never wanted to share. You are able to see it all: the cost price, the structure, the developments and the margin.

Insights into raw materials

On average 50% of the price of a product is determined by the commodity prices. Often however, buyers don’t have enough time to find a good source to check the prices claimed by the supplier. Within WTP you quickly get an insight into the price developments of all important raw materials, like plastics, woods or metals. This reduces time to research raw materials pricing to a fraction of the category managers current effort, while simultaneously increasing negotiation authority with the supplier.

Cost structure per industry

Each industry has a unique and specific set of cost drivers which are stored in the WTP database. Buyers can now use those cost drivers that have a large impact on the cost price of a product during negotiations.

The impact of volume

When the purchase volume increases, fixed costs do not increase. It is time-consuming to calculate the effect of larger volumes on your buying price.The impact of volume is often underestimated. WTP calculates the impact of a volume increase for you. With this information you will enter negotiations well prepared and it will put you in a good position to save costs.

Should Costing / Cost modeling

Should costing and/or cost modeling is a systematic way to analyse the cost structure of a product to make an estimated guess of its price. Normally this is done bottom up and takes considerable time to calculate. WTP uses big data to analyze this in only 5 minutes.

Complete reports

A complete report with a traditional should cost structure creates authority and trust in the negotiation. However, it also takes time. In WTP you can generate the supplier-ready one-pager that you need to promote credibility and start conversations on facts in minutes. It allows you to re-focus your time on negotiation preparation.

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