WTP use case: Redefining negotiation strategies

Introduction Our client, a leading international retailer in DIY, has long aspired to base their negotiations on facts. However, achieving this goal remained elusive. Recognizing our expertise, they engaged us to refine, challenge, and bolster their Purchasing strategy and analyst team. Approach with WTP 1. Initial Engagement We began by delving into the core ambitions […]

WTP use case: Take full advantage of the BoM

Introduction A purchasing organization for allied building materials suppliers would like to have more insight into the Bill Of Material, including the corresponding price changes. Both Private Label and brand suppliers have had and are still having substantial discussions about price increases recently. Approach with WTP Using the BOM (Bill Of Material) form as a […]

WTP use case: Profiting from economies of scale

Introduction One of our WTP clients is a major player in the DIY wholesale industry. Our client has been using WTP since the beginning of our existence and is known within Buynamics as one of our launching customers. Being one of our first customers, we have always had a good relationship with this client. As […]

WTP use case: Getting started in a new industry

Introduction We were approached by a purchasing manager who had just started a new job as a purchasing manager at a pet food wholesaler. From his own experience, he did not know the specific cost components, raw materials, and industry costs of his new assortment. To get a good idea of costs, opportunities, and assortment/supplier […]

WTP use case: Dealing with price increases

Introduction One of our WTP clients is the market leader in the Dutch Do-It-Yourself market. They had a contract with a supplier based entirely on a commodity price development. However, in recent years, with the huge raw material price increases, the supplier’s profit margin was also completely distorted. The raw material price of this item […]

WTP use case: Evaluating tenders

Introduction One of the oldest retailers in the Netherlands, a real family business, used the WTP application in early 2022 to tender various seasonal products in December. This involved various delicacies. The client was looking for the most competitive price, but the available product information was also important. In addition, the client had several other […]

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