What’s The Price Services allows buyers to understand the cost of services in different industries and countries.

Insights into >750 salaries from over 170 countries

Calculate professional, scientific and technical services in >115 industries

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Create cost models of the services most important to you

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The magic that drives the tool

At Buynamics we are buyers and not IT people. Based on our own extensive experience within procurement we have built a pragmatic tool which brings data based facts into negotiations.

Databased negotiation insights

WTP Services gives access to all essential data for procuring services, with the world's first SaaS solution to enable service cost modeling / should costing.

View salary information

When acquiring services, wages can vary enormously from country to country. The Salary statistics-tool allows you to access salary data for all positions included. This data enables you to access information for other countries as well as your own.

Get insight into industries

Each industry has a unique and specific set of cost drivers which are stored in the WTP database. Buyers can use cost drivers that have a large impact on the price of services during negotiations.

Start should costing services

Should costing and/or cost modeling is a systematic way to analyse the cost structure of a service to make an estimated guess of its price. Normally this is done bottom up and takes considerable time to calculate. WTP uses big data to analyze this in only 5 minutes.

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